I am an alumnus of the Atwater research group at the California Institute of Technology. I received my Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering in June 2010. I have established this page to provide information about my work as a graduate student.

My research at Caltech focused on developing low-cost solar cells made from silicon microwires. I studied the growth of silicon microwire arrays, the formation of radial p-n junctions, and the fabrication of novel light-trapping microstructures. Over the years I enjoyed numerous opportunities to design and build new instrumentation for the lab, enabling us to characterize the material quality, optical absorption, and photovoltaic performance of these solar cells. I also became interested in numerical simulation techniques, and developed an optoelectronic model to simulate and optimize the behavior of silicon microwire solar cells. These efforts reflect the tremendous support of my advisor, Prof. Harry Atwater, as well as a close collaboration with Prof. Nathan Lewis, and the exceptional talent of my numerous colleagues in both research groups.

California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125