Software: 4192A Sweep Utility

Impedance analysis software


This software acquires impedance measurements from an HP 4192A impedance analyzer, via GPIB, and supports frequency sweeps to extract circuit model parameters or resolve unknown component parasitics.

The software below is offered as freeware for non-commercial use. For commercial license, please contact me.


The software is available as a win32 binary. Self-extracting installers are provided (7-Zip SFX).

  • Includes all libraries above.


  • PC running Windows XP or newer
    • The software libraries listed above must also be installed.
  • HP 4192A Impedance Analyzer
  • Supported GPIB adapter
    • Supported models include all modern NI adapters (e.g., GPIB-USB-HS, GPIB-USB-B, ...) as well as certain other makes (e.g., Agilent) with appropriate VISA driver software installed.